Hello. I am Kyla, a proud mom to five amazing kids and a wife to my sweetheart. I bust through projects like my life depends on it, mutually amusing my family and driving them insane.

I try too hard. I always have. Not in a good way. Learning to hear and love my own voice is a journey I will always by pursuing.

I am acutely aware of all the rules and all the things I should be. It is a never ending noise in my brain.

This webpage is my landing space to find some gravity.

I come from a creative progeny. My youngest memories are filled with making and using my hands. Hours spent in front of a sewing machine designing barbie clothes or in the kitchen inventing meals that would be served (it was rarely, if ever, a positive experience and yet it was served!).

Summers were filled with swinging round and round on a merry-go-round that had been welded and build by my grandfather, a genius machinist. We would spin ourselves silly even as teens and then fortify ourselves stealing cookies that forever changed flavours from my Aunt’s Lorene’s bottomless cookie jars. The puffy chocolate ones were my weakness.

When my dad was young, his father had a spell of time when he could not work. My grandmother, who always slightly terrified me, would wake early every day and bake breads. From there my Grandma Birdie became known for her heavenly baked goods and confectionaries; she supported the family until my grandfather could work again.

In grade 4 I proudly walked the halls of my school dressed up as a cabbage patch doll for Halloween. Complete with stuffed arms made from nylons with doll-like fingers, my yarn hair was parted down the middle and my bangs sewn in loops. I was literally a walking 4 foot cabbage patch. I was so blissfully happy. Every year my costume was the envy of all, or I thought so… My mother would create these masterpieces from old worn out blankets, torn clothes, nylons with runs…. anything available.

Those are my roots.

I feel connected and grounded when I MAKE. Simply put, the world is beautiful when I am creating and I am rather a grump when I am not...

Flowers and plants are my love language, London Fogs my indulgence, and books are my therapy.

Thanks for stopping by!