Who am I??? I am a mess.

I wanna do ALL the things. Literally. ALL.THE.THINGS.

It is not possible and I may go a wee bit crazy trying….if one ‘thing’ has defined me is that I am a whirlwind of ideas and projects.

I fought it for a looooooong time to pick one path, but when I choose one I am starved in another part of my being…..

SO, here I am. I choose all of it. All the mess. All the chaos. All the wonders of creativity.

A few tidbits….

I am a mom to FIVE babies. Not all at the same time. I love it AND I am losing my freaking mind.

Flowers and plants are my love language.

London Fogs are my indulgence.

Jeans are not my favourite.

Vintage floral sheets have my heart.

I DEPLORE selfies.

Books are my therapy.

Kindness is rad.