welcome October.

About a year ago I fell shamelessly in love with a blog… I don’t even know how I chanced upon it, yet I did and I am forever inspired…


I wish I could be a proper groupie and find a way to work there.

I was inspired by this POST last year and have eagerly awaited the day to try some magic on our own pumpkins… SO MUCH FUN. My kids were in creative heaven.

TIPS for the creator with kiddos:

Paint pumpkins ahead with cheap craft paint. I used white mini pumpkins and one coat of paint. The pumpkin skin does show through mildly, but it wasn't a bother.

USE KIDS MARKERS (I used last years school stash of good ol Crayola). They worked better than paint or sharpies for those of us that are not illustrators…

DO IT!!!!!

Other thoughts… my Gwynnie declared she was going to do hers so the stem become the nose. My instant reaction was ‘NO! THAT IS NOT HOW TO DDO IT’…. Shameful. Me, not her. I corrected my thinking in about 1.3 seconds and she proceeded to create.

It is a lesson I learn everyday. Open my mind and let the kids show me different….let creativity move forward, not conformity.