my doll obsession.

I have a mild obsession. It presents itself every few years and I am amused for a time throwing my heart back into it. Dolls. I love dolls. I love making them. I love naming them. I love dreaming up a new ideas for them.

My earliest memories of wonder revolve around them.

I was around 8 years of age. My mother made us, MADE US, our own cabbage patch doll. The whole thing was a fabric base, with threads defining the toes and fingers. I believe the eyes were painted on. I still remember standing in, I believe, my aunts kitchen while she unpacked the ones she had made. I think I was more in love with the idea that they were made, more than the doll…

I still remember the budding desire I felt rooted in my stomach that day. I wanted to make one.

I made my first doll on December 24, 2006. All my daughter, Penny, wanted for Christmas was the Molly doll from the TV show ‘Big Comfy Couch’. All she wanted. I dangled so many other things in from of her trying to change her vision. Nope.

Using the raggedy Anne doll of my childhood, I feverishly drew up and pattern and made MOLLY. Christmas was saved.

Twelve years later and I am obsessed again. I think you should be, too.

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