Zion's Canyon Trip Part 1

pictures are magic. they have the capacity wipe away the petty toil of the actual event like the balm of Vick’s vapour rub on a congested nasal passage.

My hubby and I are opposing characters in many ways. This was not an intentional arrangement on our part really… we were stupidly young when we embarked on marriage and really had NO IDEA if we were well suited. Nineteen years and five kidlets later we are still married and wildly opposites. Really though, does one ever really know if you are well suited? I would offer that the disposition of the person willing to change, learn and love is what creates prolong companionship. AND NOT GETTING MARRIED STUPIDLY YOUNG. That was for my kids if they ever read this.

My dearest is a avid hiker. I am not. I am a dreamer, a maker. Hiking is all well and fine, but it TAKES ALL DAY. When I realized my aversion stemmed from that thought I recognized maybe I needed to be a little more present. maybe… Nature is the companionship of mindfulness.

The other morning he approached me with a heavy face and presented his Merrell Hiking boots for my inspection. Years of marriage has taught me the proper response… ‘Are they broken? After 20 years? They were the boots you wore on our first hikes together! Glue won’t fix them this time. Shall we perform a burial service?’

We have traversed many many hikes and trails over the years. MAAAAANNNNNNYYYYYY. It’s give and take, right??? Last Easter we feasted on ZION’S CANYON. Here is what we learned on our adventure, may it guide you if your choose to sorjourn to this wildly amazing place.

Easter is a crazy busy time, but I think it is always busy so….

We stayed in Springdale, Utah at the Best Western Plus. It was brand spankin’ new with intro rates that Adam found with his obsessive hiking trip planning behaviour and it was DIVINE. The view is surreal from the hotel itself. The mountain scape is stark orangey-red with luminous blue skies. In early April the evenings were mildly cool with the days mounting into the high 20’s (CELSIUS, so WARM).

The local atmosphere was quaint and had some good local food joints. Our faves were Zion Pizza & Noodle and Oscar’s Cafe. We were panicked with the food situation at first, as we usually do it cheap with grocery stores and ‘value food’…. The grocery store option was wanting and the local Subway wasn’t in business yet. Feeding a family of 7 with restaurant fare can become rather steep quickly… We ordered 3 meals and split it between us ~ we always pack dry soup, microwave emergency food as one kid will ALWAYS hate the supper procured…. we had bagels for lunches.

Our first hike was Kolob Canyons. It is INSANELY BEAUTIFUL and outside the park, itself. DO IT. It isn’t as busy with people and is a little more ‘rugged’ than inside the park. We were thrown for a loop with how ‘developed’ Zion’s was…