I wish I knew your name.

This past August my hubby gifted me a DNA test from 23andme for my birthday, which was such a fun gift idea. A few weeks after dutifully spitting into vial and shipping away my offering, I received the results…

I was expecting most of it… My progeny is pretty basic and a similar narrative to others in my part of the world. However, I was somewhat shocked and delighted to find out that I have 0.1% west African in my DNA (even with the 90% discrepancy). My heritage is one for keeping meticulous genealogy records, yet nothing is evident on paper. I must say, I instantly felt more interesting and mysterious than I was before. Yet….

My mind can't help but to wonder about who was written out of my story. Why? What was her narrative? Was it sorrow or love? Both? I carry on her DNA, but all other traces have been stripped away. It feels cruel and a slight of such shame that it speaks volumes.

I think history has shown its intent pretty clear. I am thankful for science granting me a chance to see what was omitted. As put so well by Winston Churchill, 'History is written by the victors.' Now the question is.... what history are we writing and what are we choosing to not see?

In honour of the 'WHO' that is unnamed in my history I made a doll. I want to say 'I see you'. Making is my love language and this is my offering to the story untold. I wish I knew your name.