molr dental club

Brushing one’s teeth is a must. Really really. Yet, convincing my kids of such is a feat I often face. They will go as far to wet their toothbrushes to FAKE IT. What they don't believe is that I was once a kid and I may have done the same thing. I disgust myself.

I was tickled to do this commercial shoot for Molr Dental Club . I had so many ideas swirling in my head. Honestly, I still do. The best part about the whole business was how ridiculously excited my kids were about these toothbrushes. Like BEGGING me for them. Right down grovelling. Needless to say, they are brushing those pearly whites and not just wetting the toothbrush now. Give yourself the gift of grovelling kids are dangle these vibrant brushes in from of their eyes.