Peter Pan.

October is upon us and that means I have been obsessing over Halloween costumes for at least 3 weeks.

Here is a throwback to last year and my lovely Peter Pan. EASIEST COSTUME EVER. Probably not true, but pretty darn close.

Oversized t-shirt from Wallymart, green leggings, old belt and the most adorable felt hat that Peter himself would obviously desire.

The hat is made from heavy acrylic felt. Try to find some that isn’t super bendy and has some stiffness. One seam and viola! Done like dinner.

I have attached the pattern below. Print at 100%(your printer is probably already doing it). I promise it is EEEEEAAASSSY! I usually sew with a 1/4 seam and then trim, turn your hat right side out and fold bottom up to create the brim!

May the world be filled with adorable Pater Pan everywhere.