tara's cozy creations.

I met Tara years ago. She was a fifth grade teacher and eagerly anticipating the birth of her first child. She has FOUR now…. and she is divine.

Whenever I do a family session for her I am left with a fire of determination. She has built a business from the heart of what she loves AND she has the patience and love of a saint with her kids. I struggle in this area…. I love being around those that inspire me pause and love more. To take in the crazy, the wonder and spirit that only kids can bring. Thank you a million times over!

If you are in search of the perfect gift, search no further. Really really. My Pippa sleeps with her own handmade blanket every.single.night. It has accompanied us on every holiday and soothed many sorrows. A life-saver.

Weighted blankets are also one of her many offerings. Miracles upon miracles! Anxiety sleepers can finally have some peace. CHECK IT OUT! Really…this is not an affiliate thing, just my heart offering you something I love.