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I have deeply desired to make a bird hat for YEEEEAAAAARRRRSSSSS. I am still perfecting the creation of this pattern and I do plan on adding to my ETSY shop so all can create bird hats at their whim. Miss Pip was going to wear it for Halloween. She is not. Her latest plan is a Peter Pan princess or a replay of last years little Red riding hood. Or a princess. Or a princess ninja. She has a princess thing going on….


The end of September was COLD. Which caused me to immediately toss summer aside and start playing with Halloween. I always have grand intentions and a flurry of anticipation for every holiday…. however, once the holiday is upon us I have usually disengaged somewhat.

I decided to outsmart myself and did most of the prep in the very beginning of October… leaving lots of time to fall into a slump. Nailed it. Made fun Halloween crafts with the kids AND became useless the closer the day came.

My Gwynnie had a party… Here is some of the fun. We kept it pretty simple. I perused the Halloween edition of BHG and instantly started to fall into the perfection trap… happily I pulled myself and remembered that paper plates and simple crafts the kids create is ENOUGH. I do love pretty magazines, though…

The front door spiders were the super cheap rings I found at Wallymart. I snipped off the ring part and glued on tiny magnets. The wreath spiders are the full ring clinging on for their dear lives.


I am still dying over this costume. Grab a long sleeve white shirt and safety pin white feather boas all over it. Yellow tights and yellow cleaning gloves stuffed and tied onto shoes, topped with a pilot cap with a red felt chicken thing on top.

I originally did this costume when my Penny was 2. I still remember seeing it displayed in the pages of the baby Martha Stewart magazine. I fell in love. I lOVED those magazines. We were poor students then, but I would still hoard each copy and thumb through them like a child with a Sears Wish Book. Years later my 4th baby would find the pilot hat I had clumsily made into a chicken topper and wish to be a chicken. Thanks again, Martha, can we pleeeeease be besties?

a pilot and her plane.

Another easy peasy costume! The pilot goggles are from aliexpress ~ order at least 2 months in advance as Aliexpress can be a bit of a wait. The plane is a cardboard box fancied up! I poked holes in all four corners to tie yarn into for straps.

I love that my older kids are festive about Halloween…may the always stay enthused!

Peter Pan.

October is upon us and that means I have been obsessing over Halloween costumes for at least 3 weeks.

Here is a throwback to last year and my lovely Peter Pan. EASIEST COSTUME EVER. Probably not true, but pretty darn close.

Oversized t-shirt from Wallymart, green leggings, old belt and the most adorable felt hat that Peter himself would obviously desire.

The hat is made from heavy acrylic felt. Try to find some that isn’t super bendy and has some stiffness. One seam and viola! Done like dinner.

I have attached the pattern below. Print at 100%(your printer is probably already doing it). I promise it is EEEEEAAASSSY! I usually sew with a 1/4 seam and then trim, turn your hat right side out and fold bottom up to create the brim!

May the world be filled with adorable Pater Pan everywhere.

welcome October.

About a year ago I fell shamelessly in love with a blog… I don’t even know how I chanced upon it, yet I did and I am forever inspired…


I wish I could be a proper groupie and find a way to work there.

I was inspired by this POST last year and have eagerly awaited the day to try some magic on our own pumpkins… SO MUCH FUN. My kids were in creative heaven.

TIPS for the creator with kiddos:

Paint pumpkins ahead with cheap craft paint. I used white mini pumpkins and one coat of paint. The pumpkin skin does show through mildly, but it wasn't a bother.

USE KIDS MARKERS (I used last years school stash of good ol Crayola). They worked better than paint or sharpies for those of us that are not illustrators…

DO IT!!!!!

Other thoughts… my Gwynnie declared she was going to do hers so the stem become the nose. My instant reaction was ‘NO! THAT IS NOT HOW TO DDO IT’…. Shameful. Me, not her. I corrected my thinking in about 1.3 seconds and she proceeded to create.

It is a lesson I learn everyday. Open my mind and let the kids show me different….let creativity move forward, not conformity.

my doll obsession.

I have a mild obsession. It presents itself every few years and I am amused for a time throwing my heart back into it. Dolls. I love dolls. I love making them. I love naming them. I love dreaming up a new ideas for them.

My earliest memories of wonder revolve around them.

I was around 8 years of age. My mother made us, MADE US, our own cabbage patch doll. The whole thing was a fabric base, with threads defining the toes and fingers. I believe the eyes were painted on. I still remember standing in, I believe, my aunts kitchen while she unpacked the ones she had made. I think I was more in love with the idea that they were made, more than the doll…

I still remember the budding desire I felt rooted in my stomach that day. I wanted to make one.

I made my first doll on December 24, 2006. All my daughter, Penny, wanted for Christmas was the Molly doll from the TV show ‘Big Comfy Couch’. All she wanted. I dangled so many other things in from of her trying to change her vision. Nope.

Using the raggedy Anne doll of my childhood, I feverishly drew up and pattern and made MOLLY. Christmas was saved.

Twelve years later and I am obsessed again. I think you should be, too.

Check out the ETSY shop, for the Doll and the Pattern!

peace out embroidery

a couple months ago my friend sent me a screenshot of a embroidery she was working on... and I was instantly consumed with the NEED to try it. So I did.

Here is what you will need:

  • Embroidery floss (I use 3 strands at a time)

  • embroidery hoop, mine was 8" size

  • quilter's cotton

  • air fading fabric pen

  • template (below)

This design was done using the BACKSTITCH stitch.  I wrote the word 'LOVE' across the top, but didn't love it so I didn't include it on the template. Print and trace the template with your fancy fabric pen. Embroidery away.  Easy peasy. Go do it. 

When done you can follow these instructions HERE to frame your masterpiece and hang it for all to admire and swoon over.

peace out, 


check out my daughter's work in progress.... SO MUCH CUTER than what I did. and that is why we need kids. cause they make everything better. she used a combination of chain stitch, a really itty bitty backstitch and straight stitch.