peace out embroidery

a couple months ago my friend sent me a screenshot of a embroidery she was working on... and I was instantly consumed with the NEED to try it. So I did.

Here is what you will need:

  • Embroidery floss (I use 3 strands at a time)

  • embroidery hoop, mine was 8" size

  • quilter's cotton

  • air fading fabric pen

  • template (below)

This design was done using the BACKSTITCH stitch.  I wrote the word 'LOVE' across the top, but didn't love it so I didn't include it on the template. Print and trace the template with your fancy fabric pen. Embroidery away.  Easy peasy. Go do it. 

When done you can follow these instructions HERE to frame your masterpiece and hang it for all to admire and swoon over.

peace out, 


check out my daughter's work in progress.... SO MUCH CUTER than what I did. and that is why we need kids. cause they make everything better. she used a combination of chain stitch, a really itty bitty backstitch and straight stitch.