***all sessions come with approx. 60-100 fully edited images***

coming home.$ 450 approx 1-2 hours

It goes like this.... I come to your house, hang out and take pictures. I love that part ~ YOUR HOME.  The place where memories are made every moment of everyday, the place your family will always love best. Does it have to be spotless? That is your call. I trust you. You know what you feel comfortable in, but I wouldn't lose myself in perfecting it. YOU are the subject and if you have little ones they will add the 'lived in' feel soon enough. I am not a documentary photographer; I will offer direction and seek good light; however I will also allow things to unfold on their own and let the magic happen.

coming home. newborns. $450 2 - 2.5 hours

all that jazz in the 'coming home.' details bit AND...

Brand spanking new babies are pretty great.  This session can happen anytime in the first few weeks of life. Each day/week unfolds new details of your sweet babe ~ you can decide when you want to document it.  I do recommend 3 weeks and under if you want a swaddled, sleepy baby. I will snuggle you all together for some of the session, but I will also keep shooting as you tend to your littles ~ I love all the details.

out and about. $450 1 - 1.5 hours

Think about places that your family loves.... and that is where we will go (within reason, but you can pay my way to Disneyland if you must...). Favorite park, greenhouse, lake etc ~ we can discuss what is perfect for you and yours!

couple sessions. $450 1 - 1.5 hours

Deary me, but these are kinda a fave of mine.... I love connection and couples radiate it.  

fine art portrait session. $450 1 - 1.5 hours

Embracing life's finer moments.  These sessions are consciously planned with the subject in mind to reflect them and create art. Graduating seniors would fit into this session session.