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oh it is back. and back hard. I am regretting selling my old beautiful medium format and the like…

I do love my digital camera. I love the safety. It lets me shoot anywhere… really. I can manipulate my white balance and exposure like a Russian race horse.

Film makes me pause. look at what is really there. it lets me treasure the subtleties of flaws. In a world that is slowly becoming ‘perfect’, I am losing the sight of all that is soft. Film is soft. and risky. I think I might be starting a love affair.

this is roll ONE of many many more…

if there is one thing I could tell you it would be to let yourself be soft. there is beauty in the elusive. tack sharp feels burdensome sometimes.


p.s. you are more beautiful than you think… trust me. you already have EVERYTHING you already need.

one + five.

Funny how once you have kids the baby becomes the chill one… Also funny how the older I get the more I LOVE chaotic kids. Maybe cause I want it to rub off on me a little. give me a little spunk any day.

this is my newest nephew. and his spunky siblings. and tolerant parents.

this session left me with a few feelings…

one. I need more yellow in my life.

two. did I really have 4 kids that were 6 and under once upon a time and still had another? don’t get me wrong… the kids were delightful but all the tired that came with that stage of life seeped back into my bones and I wondered if I really made it through. no wonder I am a mess. good thing I have my kids to help me along (my kids really are so much wiser than I EVER WAS).

three. I need a blue wall.

baby baby.

I am getting old…. only because I am becoming one of those wise matrons that shake their heads and exclaim ‘oh, if I could only go back and soak it in a little longer’ whenever they see peaceful babies.

and peaceful this baby was. I desperately want to share his name, but I always feel a tad hesitant on the web so I won’t…. but know that it is a perfect name.

bird hat pattern

one day I decided I needed a bird hat. I searched the web high and low for a pattern and there was NOTHING. I locked my desire away and resigned myself too fate…. until it dawned on me that I could make a bird hat pattern!! So I did. I have my bird hat perched in my closet and it makes my heart squeeze every time I get dressed. Check out the Etsy shop for your own pattern and heart squeeze.

ode to my Oregon heart....

if there is place that holds mysteries and magic it is the Oregon coast…

hours upon hours in a car with my fam doeas’t always seem so dreamy, yet when I remember the collective experiences and live the pictures again I am BLOWN away with love. Love for the earth, love for my family and almost love for long road trips…

and there is no ode. not a really one anyone ~ just the one in my heart!

Winter Falls Trail/Silver falls is always on our bucket list. The forest is like a fairy land. The clover patches are ridiculously large compared to our Canadian clover and made me happy again and again.


one day wasn’t enough…. it is beyond cool and everyone kid was amused and full of wonder.

Lincoln city coast. Let’s just say that the only people swimming are the Canadians…

back at Devil’s punch bowl….

tillamook CHEESE factory. Every time we visit the USA we find a grocery store with TILLAMOOK ice cream. And eat it. All….because hotel freezers are small.

hotels are almost as exciting as beaches and forest…

Cannon Beach. If a had lots of money I would spend a few days at Canon Beach. The town is DARLING and the bakery is oh my. This is where you will find the famous GOONIES rock. Also if you would like to teach your kids how to swear like an 80’s child watch it on repeat.

Astoria. A little town on the coast. We checked out the GOONIES vehicle complete with bullet holes and the jail. Found our way up a tall, winding lighthouse and hiked a trail the led to the cathedral tree that was admittedly disappointing and the kids let us know repeatedly.

found an orchard in Washington just before it closed…. I really want to live on an orchard. I believe that would be my best life.

gimme your name.

whelp, this post is looooong overdue. Sometimes I get to meet the most glorious people and I secretly wish we could be besties (and I could have their daughter’s name). It feels like it has been a good year for that. I am endlessly curious about other families and moms. A part of me wants to scoot right up and just listen and watch. I guess that is kinda what my job is, AND I get to create photographs. win win for me!

minimalist mini session.

Sometimes all we need to a portrait. A marker of what IS. simple.

I adore messy, love soaked, playful lifestyle images. I love curated, stylized, intentional sessions. Yet, no matter what… I come back to the simple portrait.

Sometimes we just need to see our people with nothing extra… cause they are ENOUGH.

tara's cozy creations.

I met Tara years ago. She was a fifth grade teacher and eagerly anticipating the birth of her first child. She has FOUR now…. and she is divine.

Whenever I do a family session for her I am left with a fire of determination. She has built a business from the heart of what she loves AND she has the patience and love of a saint with her kids. I struggle in this area…. I love being around those that inspire me pause and love more. To take in the crazy, the wonder and spirit that only kids can bring. Thank you a million times over!

If you are in search of the perfect gift, search no further. Really really. My Pippa sleeps with her own handmade blanket every.single.night. It has accompanied us on every holiday and soothed many sorrows. A life-saver.

Weighted blankets are also one of her many offerings. Miracles upon miracles! Anxiety sleepers can finally have some peace. CHECK IT OUT! Really…this is not an affiliate thing, just my heart offering you something I love.


I have deeply desired to make a bird hat for YEEEEAAAAARRRRSSSSS. I am still perfecting the creation of this pattern and I do plan on adding to my ETSY shop so all can create bird hats at their whim. Miss Pip was going to wear it for Halloween. She is not. Her latest plan is a Peter Pan princess or a replay of last years little Red riding hood. Or a princess. Or a princess ninja. She has a princess thing going on….

crazy cakes Lethbridge

I few years ago I resented my hubby for insisting on living in Lethbridge. Dreaming to live with fruit trees, mild winters and flowers, I was unsettled.

Overtime I have found little pockets of gold nestled in Lethbridge and area that are slowly appeasing my heart. One of them is little shops like Crazy Cakes. It is just like out of a novel. Quaint, family owned, with fiercely loyal patrons. The confections created are immaculately made and taste like sugar drops from heaven. Long ago I dreamed of having a little ‘patisserie’. Finding one that I can admire and frequent stirs my heart in the fondest ways.

These pictures are from I went with my two youngest when summer was a thing…

Zion's Canyon Trip Part 1

pictures are magic. they have the capacity wipe away the petty toil of the actual event like the balm of Vick’s vapour rub on a congested nasal passage.

My hubby and I are opposing characters in many ways. This was not an intentional arrangement on our part really… we were stupidly young when we embarked on marriage and really had NO IDEA if we were well suited. Nineteen years and five kidlets later we are still married and wildly opposites. Really though, does one ever really know if you are well suited? I would offer that the disposition of the person willing to change, learn and love is what creates prolong companionship. AND NOT GETTING MARRIED STUPIDLY YOUNG. That was for my kids if they ever read this.

My dearest is a avid hiker. I am not. I am a dreamer, a maker. Hiking is all well and fine, but it TAKES ALL DAY. When I realized my aversion stemmed from that thought I recognized maybe I needed to be a little more present. maybe… Nature is the companionship of mindfulness.

The other morning he approached me with a heavy face and presented his Merrell Hiking boots for my inspection. Years of marriage has taught me the proper response… ‘Are they broken? After 20 years? They were the boots you wore on our first hikes together! Glue won’t fix them this time. Shall we perform a burial service?’

We have traversed many many hikes and trails over the years. MAAAAANNNNNNYYYYYY. It’s give and take, right??? Last Easter we feasted on ZION’S CANYON. Here is what we learned on our adventure, may it guide you if your choose to sorjourn to this wildly amazing place.

Easter is a crazy busy time, but I think it is always busy so….

We stayed in Springdale, Utah at the Best Western Plus. It was brand spankin’ new with intro rates that Adam found with his obsessive hiking trip planning behaviour and it was DIVINE. The view is surreal from the hotel itself. The mountain scape is stark orangey-red with luminous blue skies. In early April the evenings were mildly cool with the days mounting into the high 20’s (CELSIUS, so WARM).

The local atmosphere was quaint and had some good local food joints. Our faves were Zion Pizza & Noodle and Oscar’s Cafe. We were panicked with the food situation at first, as we usually do it cheap with grocery stores and ‘value food’…. The grocery store option was wanting and the local Subway wasn’t in business yet. Feeding a family of 7 with restaurant fare can become rather steep quickly… We ordered 3 meals and split it between us ~ we always pack dry soup, microwave emergency food as one kid will ALWAYS hate the supper procured…. we had bagels for lunches.

Our first hike was Kolob Canyons. It is INSANELY BEAUTIFUL and outside the park, itself. DO IT. It isn’t as busy with people and is a little more ‘rugged’ than inside the park. We were thrown for a loop with how ‘developed’ Zion’s was…

molr dental club

Brushing one’s teeth is a must. Really really. Yet, convincing my kids of such is a feat I often face. They will go as far to wet their toothbrushes to FAKE IT. What they don't believe is that I was once a kid and I may have done the same thing. I disgust myself.

I was tickled to do this commercial shoot for Molr Dental Club . I had so many ideas swirling in my head. Honestly, I still do. The best part about the whole business was how ridiculously excited my kids were about these toothbrushes. Like BEGGING me for them. Right down grovelling. Needless to say, they are brushing those pearly whites and not just wetting the toothbrush now. Give yourself the gift of grovelling kids are dangle these vibrant brushes in from of their eyes.