oh it is back. and back hard. I am regretting selling my old beautiful medium format and the like…

I do love my digital camera. I love the safety. It lets me shoot anywhere… really. I can manipulate my white balance and exposure like a Russian race horse.

Film makes me pause. look at what is really there. it lets me treasure the subtleties of flaws. In a world that is slowly becoming ‘perfect’, I am losing the sight of all that is soft. Film is soft. and risky. I think I might be starting a love affair.

this is roll ONE of many many more…

if there is one thing I could tell you it would be to let yourself be soft. there is beauty in the elusive. tack sharp feels burdensome sometimes.


p.s. you are more beautiful than you think… trust me. you already have EVERYTHING you already need.

baby Kate.

dear baby Kate. may you know how ADORED you are. everyone is smitten. including me. I might even hold you sometime…. I am not prone to wanting to hold others babies. maybe someday?

one + five.

Funny how once you have kids the baby becomes the chill one… Also funny how the older I get the more I LOVE chaotic kids. Maybe cause I want it to rub off on me a little. give me a little spunk any day.

this is my newest nephew. and his spunky siblings. and tolerant parents.

this session left me with a few feelings…

one. I need more yellow in my life.

two. did I really have 4 kids that were 6 and under once upon a time and still had another? don’t get me wrong… the kids were delightful but all the tired that came with that stage of life seeped back into my bones and I wondered if I really made it through. no wonder I am a mess. good thing I have my kids to help me along (my kids really are so much wiser than I EVER WAS).

three. I need a blue wall.

baby baby.

I am getting old…. only because I am becoming one of those wise matrons that shake their heads and exclaim ‘oh, if I could only go back and soak it in a little longer’ whenever they see peaceful babies.

and peaceful this baby was. I desperately want to share his name, but I always feel a tad hesitant on the web so I won’t…. but know that it is a perfect name.

ode to my Oregon heart....

if there is place that holds mysteries and magic it is the Oregon coast…

hours upon hours in a car with my fam doeas’t always seem so dreamy, yet when I remember the collective experiences and live the pictures again I am BLOWN away with love. Love for the earth, love for my family and almost love for long road trips…

and there is no ode. not a really one anyone ~ just the one in my heart!

Winter Falls Trail/Silver falls is always on our bucket list. The forest is like a fairy land. The clover patches are ridiculously large compared to our Canadian clover and made me happy again and again.


one day wasn’t enough…. it is beyond cool and everyone kid was amused and full of wonder.

Lincoln city coast. Let’s just say that the only people swimming are the Canadians…

back at Devil’s punch bowl….

tillamook CHEESE factory. Every time we visit the USA we find a grocery store with TILLAMOOK ice cream. And eat it. All….because hotel freezers are small.

hotels are almost as exciting as beaches and forest…

Cannon Beach. If a had lots of money I would spend a few days at Canon Beach. The town is DARLING and the bakery is oh my. This is where you will find the famous GOONIES rock. Also if you would like to teach your kids how to swear like an 80’s child watch it on repeat.

Astoria. A little town on the coast. We checked out the GOONIES vehicle complete with bullet holes and the jail. Found our way up a tall, winding lighthouse and hiked a trail the led to the cathedral tree that was admittedly disappointing and the kids let us know repeatedly.

found an orchard in Washington just before it closed…. I really want to live on an orchard. I believe that would be my best life.

gimme your name.

whelp, this post is looooong overdue. Sometimes I get to meet the most glorious people and I secretly wish we could be besties (and I could have their daughter’s name). It feels like it has been a good year for that. I am endlessly curious about other families and moms. A part of me wants to scoot right up and just listen and watch. I guess that is kinda what my job is, AND I get to create photographs. win win for me!